Lucia Clinic Dubai: What Makes It Different?

If you're curious which Dubai cosmetic clinic celebs and superstars attend, Lucia Aesthetic Facility is the finest opulent clinic, situated close to Dubai's famed Burj Khalifa.

What makes them different?

Dr. Radmila Lukian, a famous dermatologist and anti-aging expert, launched Lucia Clinic Dubai, which provides both non-surgical and operative procedures. Clients love their Botox procedure, which is one of the solutions they provide. Despite its long history, botox retains a no-fail, less intrusive therapy for erasing out creases and subtle wrinkles. Ultherapy is among their highly popular treatments. Clients appreciate how Ultherapy elevates skin in difficult-to-treat areas with no requirement for surgery.

Take Advice

If you're not sure what treatment you desire, advice is to make a booking so they can suggest to you what's ideal for a particular skin or any other area of your body you'd like to improve. A 3D Skin Assessment Scanner is used at Lucia Aesthetic Clinic for healthy skin examination, treatment modeling, and a precise before/after visualization. Lucia Beauty Clinic is also well-known for its long list of celebrity clientele worldwide. Joan Smalls, Huda, and Mona Kattan are among their prominent clients.

Dr. Radmila Lukian, along with her globally educated team, are devoted to offering world-class facial, skin, & body sculpting using elevated dermatological and laser procedures in a discreet and comfortable environment, employing the newest technology and procedures. As among Dubai's top prestigious clinics, they are dedicated to delivering unique treatment solutions that enable their valued customers to experience happier and more elegant lives. They value every one of their clients' originalities and provide a wide range of customized, tailored treatments that best improve their face and body traits.

Licensed Physician

A licensed physician supervises a competent medical center. Per day spas, on either side, might be maintained and managed by someone with no clinical background or qualification. Specialist clinics, underneath a doctor's care, can provide medical skin care and aesthetic services that go beyond what the spas can do or whatever you can do at home.

Board-certified physicians are committed to the strictest professional norms, giving professionals an ideal choice for security procedures and instinctual outcomes. Dr. Radmila Lukian, company creator and main physician, is a board-certified dermatologist with experience in the United States and Europe.


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